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A song discussion

First the song:

Chief of Police of Chicago Lyrics

We got a double-positive confirm today
I am Chief of Police in Chicago
And I've called you here just to congratulate
And apologize for the sorrow
We understand he's doing everything that children do
We are getting good at fighting crime
And we don't want to rain upon this dream come true
Or dissuade you from toeing the line

I am Chief of Police in Chicago
And I have seen the thing you cannot see
And I'm sorry to be the one to tell you
We've discovered the gene

Maybe we could send you our best officer
There are some tricks to curb the appetite
Hey, we're not in the business of changing futures, Ma'am
But we think we could help him do less time
Now just a few experts are going to tell you that it's not too late
They don't pay me enough to make that call
And you won't find them working down at the District anyway
Hell, all these killers have to learn to crawl

I am Chief of Police in Chicago
Oh, I have seen the thing you cannot see
And my team and I are just a little shaken
We've discovered the gene

We got a double-positive confirm today
I am Chief of Police in Chicago

Technically, I didn't have to copy the lyrics over, but i chose to do so in no small part because they spelled toeing the line wrong on the site.

When I started listening to this, I went and searched for mentions of it, because I often have trouble hearing words until I know what they're supposed to be. I found a few reviews, one of which claimed it's a police officer giving bad news, and another saying that it's a testament to his skill at getting into the mind of the police officer. (oh, and also that this album is supposedly "American roots music rendered as sweeping scenes and story lines,") I couldn't find the lyrics for a while, though, so I just kept listening and listening to it, and all I could get from it was basically a variation of Minority report. Which is all well and good, but not really what I think of when i think of roots music. And then i went back and read the review again, and this time caught that the songs are supposed to be "antique, revelatory, and futuristic in scope." Oh, yeah. That makes more sense.

So yes, this song which i assumed at first was a depiction of historical something turns out to be a police officer calling to congratulate a family on their new baby, and warn them that he has the violence gene, and there isn't much to do about it. Sort of midway between Gattaca and Minority Report, and soon to be a major motion picture, I don't doubt. Best randomly SF song this year!
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