Comfort me with Apples (tanaise) wrote,
Comfort me with Apples

New Music, and the Happiness it brings

It was 85 or so today, with threats of really obnoxious weather all day, and the boil water advisory still in place.

And yet, I am happy. Why? Because I can buy new music again. If my feet didn't hurt like the dickens today, I would have gone into town so I could look at the racks and racks and racks of stuff at Newbury Comics. I have forgotten what music I like, it's been that long since I bought new stuff.

I did splurge on the Patrick Park CD, Come What Will back in early April, and it's AWESOME. I have been waiting for this since You'll Get Over was a KCRW top tune back in like, October 2008. I have all the rest of his stuff, and it's good, but he's still a new enough singer that you can hear him growing from one album to the next, so I wanted the new one, damnit. So while I don't approve of having to wait for my music, this may have been worth it. So pretty. My favorites are The Lucky Ones and of course, You'll Get Over. He was playing at club Passim and I was SO excited, except then I actually saw the schedule and he was merely opening for someone else (and I was unemployed) so I passed, very crankily. (he was opening for some chick, I think, so pfft. Next time, maybe!)

The new album I just bought myself on Friday is Magnetic North, the new Aqualung. It is divine. No, seriously, I suspect angels came down at night and wrote this for him. Now, I am admittedly biased as I've loved every one of his albums so far A LOT. Some artists I love because they change from one album to the next--see also Radiohead, Muse) And some artists I love because they don't change--Snow Patrol, Pete Yorn's good stuff, Aqualung, etc. I figure it all hinges on how well they can change. I'd rather listen to them play the stuff I love forever than listen to them suck at trying new things. So a) this is very similar in sound to his other albums and b) if you like those albums, you'll like this one (or vice versa). My favorites on this one are Reel Me In (the only live/real one has very bad audio, or I would have used something else.), which reminds me greatly story wise of the Old 97's "Here's to the Halcyon,"except with a mortal plea, not a heavenly one. Second favorite is Fingertip.

And a special feature: an old album that i still adore. On Promenade, by Doug Burr. I have raved about Graniteville before, endlessly. I think I may love every song on it. My current favorite is probably "How does the Lark (My Dear Theo)", a song taken from/inspired by the Van Gogh letters. But I can't find that on youtube. So, take two others: Should've Known and The Thing about Trouble which was the first song of his I heard. His latest album is The Shawl, and while it's really pretty, it's also very christian (I believe it's bible verses [eta: it's Psalms, so I don't know what the difference is] he set to music.), which doesn't quite work for me. Oh, hey, I'm wrong. His latest album-"O Ye Devastator" will be out tomorrow. I guess that decides for me what the next new music will be. Hooray! New music days are the best days.
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