Comfort me with Apples (tanaise) wrote,
Comfort me with Apples

I have been lazy and neglectful

What can I say? The last three months of the job were insane, and the three before that were fairly insane as well, to the point that for at least two months I would go to work, work, come home and play zuma or mah jonng or such until bedtime because that was all the brain I had.

So it's been about 6 weeks of unemployment, and I think maybe my brain is calming down and getting back to thinking. I still haven't gotten back to reading LJ on a regular basis, but i think I'll try. As a rule of thumb, if you said something in the past...4 months that I should know about, I didn't see it. And this is true about *everyone*--LJ was way too much effort for me to read. The last few weeks of work, even facebook was getting to be exhausting. But since then, I have started to unwind, and may soon be mistaken for human again.

There was a period of several days to almost two weeks that I had sleeping issues--stress and adjusting to a new steroid will apparently do that to you. On the plus side, since I didn't have to get up to work, I would just sleep during the day. I'm better about that now, so I haven't been up past 4 in a while, and that's just because I'm Zuma addicted. I do plan to ease back to a normaler sleep plan soon. I am also even more hippo like than I was a few months ago(in the size way, not the killing more people than crocodiles way)--again I blame stress and steroids, and as the weather gets nicer, I hope to actually get myself out there and walking around and such, which should help. I am also telling myself that I will eat better, but yeah. At the least, though, I can possible branch out a little from the carb loading of the last 4 months, which might help some.

Other than Zuma, I have read lots of books, a few magazines, and watched lots of netflix and downloaded TV. had a few phone interviews, applied all over the place, and so on. No calls yet, and while I did get asked to apply to a job, I suspect my salary will be a deal breaker. (basically, the job is the level that I was at HM. But I'm a step higher now, and I really don't want to go back. Particularly since I don't want to do that sort of project management anymore. I want to do more technical product/platform management stuff. ie, instead of managing making Blackboard courses, i want to be on the group dealing with how the blackboard courses are used, and bigger picture stuff. But this may be very hard to find, so who knows.

I don't miss having that job. I do kinda miss the whole going to work/interacting with people thing, but I will endeavor to find ways around that. I also miss the salary, I have to say. It's okay while I am sitting at home doing nothing, but if I start doing things, I am going to have to budget carefully, as even stupid little things like going to a coffee shop to read can add up quickly. At the moment, I am on unemployment and have cobra, so my essentials are covered. MA being a socialist state, the government may even help with my cobra costs, which would be extra sweet. I also have a good chunk of money in savings, so i should be not-starving for a while. If only I had a detailed spreadsheet of all of my money and where it goes. Oh well, only a weirdo would have that sort of thing.

I'm starting to feel antsy about not doing things again, which is a really awesome feeling because it supports my brain working theory. I just have to figure out what I should be doing with this time while I wait for a job. If i make a schedule, I think that might help me get out of the house more. So that's probably as close as I get to a plan at the moment.

And I am going to try and post on here again, and ideally read as well.
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