Comfort me with Apples (tanaise) wrote,
Comfort me with Apples

Luckily the presents are returnable

Dear Better Off Ted:

I just want to start off by saying that you mean a lot to me, and I really value the time I spend with you, which is why I feel like it's important to be honest with you. I know it seems like we just got engaged yesterday, and I don't want to sound defensive, but I hope you didn't think this was an exclusive relationship--it doesn't mean I love you any less, unless a writer get fired or Psych comes back on air. You know I need to see other shows sometimes, and well, I've started seeing someone new.

I met White Collar at my mom's house, over Xmas and I didn't really think anything would come of it. It was just in passing, during the commercial breaks for an SVU marathon, but I looked him up when i got back here, and we hung out tonight, and well, we just really clicked. I know it's sudden, and I don't know what the future holds for us--hell, I don't even know if he'll get a second season.

I'm not trying to end our relationship, but for now, I'd just like the opportunity to spend a little time getting to know hime. I know it sounds shallow, but I'm just a sucker for a cute star, some clever dialog, and a caper plot. If I had more time to spend with him--say, 6 episodes, before his season starts up again--it would give me the chance to see how this thing could work out between us. You know my love for you is eternal and untainted by commercialism, but if I miss my chance with him, the way i missed my chance with the Middleman, well I'll just never forgive myself.

I hope I'll see you at our usual place this week, but I'll understand if you need to take some time to come to terms with this, so I won't take your silence personally.

Love, Me
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